Donald Trump Fulfils Campaign Promise, Ban Islamic Countries From US

One of the noticeable campaign promises by President of the United States of America, US, Donald Trump, is to ban Islamic countries that pose a threat to the safety of Americans.

This campaign promise is being fulfilled with the latest banning of eight countries from entering into America, which includes some top Islamic nations; saying that the safety of Americans is his top priority.

The countries are Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen.

“Making America safe is my number one priority. We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet”, President Donald Trump tweeted, after his administration released the details of the restrictions, on Sunday night.

“We cannot afford to continue the failed policies of the past, which present an unacceptable danger to our country”, Trump was quoted as saying.

“My highest obligation is to ensure the safety and security of the American people, and in issuing this new travel order, I am fulfilled with this sacred obligation.”

Recall, that for the last three months, the Trump administration has used an Executive order to ban foreign nationals from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, unless they have a “bona fide” relationship with a person or entity in the country.


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