BREAKING: Supreme Court Sentence President For Criminal Act

Brazil’s Supreme Court has accepted the charges of obstruction of justice and criminal associations against President Michel Temer.
The charges were presented by ex-Prosecutor-General, Rodrigo Janot.
However, the President’s lawyers were unsuccessful in their attempt to get the Supreme Court to suspend the case.
Raquel Dodge, the new prosecutor-general, in her reaction, said “The law is clear.
“There is no place to block the viability of the charges before the house, the defence will have time to make their appeals if the lower house takes the case,” Xinhua quoted her.
Under Brazilian law, the President can only be submitted for trial, if two third majority vote of the Lower House is secured.
If the charges are admitted, the President will be immediately suspended from office for 180 days.
If not, the case will be suspended until the end of his term, when the Supreme Court is allowed to submit him to trial.

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