IBB Golf Club Advocates Government Recognition, Support

Members of the IBB International Golf and Country Club have on Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, advocated for government support in promoting the game which it described as “a game of life”

The call was made through the Lady Captain, Grace Ihonvbere in an exclusive interview with TM News, during a picnic organised by the Ladies of the IBB Golf Club, at the Harrow Park Golf Club, Wuse II, Abuja, away from their usual IBB Golf Course.

The event which was meant to spend some time out to do something different, had all participants play a 9-hole course, twice, making it a total of 18; mainly the chipping and practice of short games in a different environment.

‎The lady captain‎, speaking with TM News, highlighted the need for government recognition and sponsorship of the game that helps the player understand life better.

Explaining the significance of the game, she said, “Golf is life, what you experience here is what you experience in life. You never have the same thing.

“The game of golf is not like soccer, table tennis where you have set parameters of how you play the game. Like in the game of Golf, no two Golf courses anywhere in the world, are the same.

“So, you meet different challenges at different golf courses you go to and that is why we say it’s a game of life. It’s something that you need all your parts, you need your mental ability, physical ability, integrity.

“Golf is one of the games that you can play till old age. that is why we call it the game of life.”

‎Reiterating the need for more government recognition and participation to enhance the development of the game in the country, in a bid to ensure that Nigeria produces more professionals who can compete internationally, she said, “Our pros are not being encouraged, we do not have enough training facilities for our professionals to train and enough funds to sponsor them to play international competitions. So, we are appealing to the government, to the Ministry of Sports, to provide more training facilities and encourage young professionals” she added.

She urged young people to venture into golf, as a lot is being done to ensure that more golfers are produced in Nigeria within the shortest possible time.

“We are sensitising people, currently we have the Summer Junior Clinic at the golf club where we are training children, and we are catching them young. We feel that when we train people, the more we have people to participate in the game also.

The IBB Golf Club ladies picnic had the presence of their male counterpart who also graced the occasion with a competition. Awards were also given and other prizes won at the end of the event.

Last modified on 23/07/2017
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