Nnamdi Kanu Court Sitting: IPOB Tells FG What To Expect


The Indigenous People of Biafra has stated that it could be forced into taking of arms if their leader, Nnamdi Kanu is not produced in court on Tuesday by the Federal Government.

The group threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable if the federal government failed to produce Kanu in court, dead or alive to continue his trial.

Recall that Kanu was granted bail in May under a stringent condition, with the order to return to court to face his trial before Justice Binta Nyako.

The group in a press release signed by its Publicity Secretary, Mr Emma Powerful and made available to DAILY POST in Awka, stated that it was gradually losing patience with the leader’s absence who has been missing together with his parents since the Nigerian Army invaded his home on 14th September.

IPOB also condemned the continued denial of the military that Kanu was not with it, citing a recent interview by the Nigerian Defence Minister, General Mansur Dan Ali on Channels Television in which he confirmed that Nigerian Army went in search of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his home.

“The barefaced lies of the Nigerian Defence Minister General Mansur Dan Ali and that of the Buhari regime against our leader and organisation is beginning to unravel before the eyes of the world.

"By admitting publicly that soldiers were sent to Isiama Afaraukwu to look for our leader without any order or warrant from a court of law confirms the contempt in which Nigerian government holds the rule of law and their judicial process.

“It is, therefore, incumbent upon civilised nations of the world and organisations alike to ask the APC led Nigerian government why they decided to send armed soldiers to invade Kanu’s residence.”

The group spoke further that, “It is therefore reasonably expected to conclude that the army is also lying about not having our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in their custody.

“Is the world waiting for Biafrans to pick up arms to demand the release of the body of their leader before they know IPOB is serious about ascertaining what the Nigerian government did with him?”

It said the struggle for Biafra independence had gone far beyond violence and way beyond the capacity of Nigeria to deal with, and that the dimension its struggle will take going forward depends on what fate Nigeria visited or intend to visit on its leader.

“One outcome is guaranteed in all this, should Nigeria not produce our leader in court on the 17th of October 2017, there will be an inevitable confrontation on a scale the human mind cannot imagine, at a time and place of our choosing.

"By nature, we are peace loving people, Nigeria should stop provoking us into armed conflict. They should bring our leader to court.”


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