EXCLUSIVE!!! PDP Has Redeemed It's Image Under Makarfi – Youth Leader

A Youth Leader of the Katsina State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Comrade Adamu Kabir Matazu has hinted that both members of the party and Nigerians now trust the National caretaker committee Chairman, Ahmed Makarfi to lift the party back to its feet.

Speaking exclusively with TM News at the Eagles Square, Comrade Matazu expressed confidence the party will return to power where it formerly was.

According to him, a committee has been constituted to ensure the reconciliation of members which he said is key to bringing the party back to its feet.

“As you are aware the party has constituted a reconciliation committee with the principal mandate of bringing the warring faction together in the spirit of the Makarfi principle of No victor, no vanquished and with the purpose of uniting the party and restoring its lost glory.”

When asked if the convention will lift the party, he said “Yes the PDP is back on its feet going by the way the Makarfi leadership is able to restore confidence among party faithful's. With the level of untold hardship brought about by the APC government, the masses are now seriously looking up to the PDP as the best alternative capable of delivering the country from incompetent leadership”

He further stressed that the coming back of the PDP will save Nigeria from the hardship which was designed by the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC

The Youth Leader also hinted that more strategies on how to return to power will be decided at the convention so that the party can remain as strong as ever.

“The convention is not limited to extending the tenure of the national caretaker committee because there are other important issues that will be discussed in order to strengthen the party towards taking it back to its winning ways.” He stated.

Meanwhile, the PDP leader added that the party will look forward to extending the tenure of the National Caretaker Committee so that it will be settled enough to reposition the party.

 “It is instructive to know that the tenure of the National caretaker committee will expire next week Wednesday, so in order not to create a vacuum it becomes necessary to extend the tenure of Makarfi led committee in order to have ample time to plan and prepare for an elective convention that will usher in the next set of National Executives of the party.”

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