Nude Photos: DSTV Debunks Allegation Of Showing Inappropriate Content For Kids

DSTV has denied ownership of an obscene photo making rounds on social media, as it has been attributed to them by Twitter users.

The Satellite TV giant, released a statement to this effect after social media went abuzz with criticisms, after a photo of nude male and female, with the female character grabbing the male’s penis surfaced online.

People reacted by pointing fingers to Cartoon Network, a station under the satellite Cable TV network, meant for kids’ entertainment for promoting porn to underage kids, which they ruled as inappropriate.

In her defence, Cartoon Network stated that such a scene has never been shared on any of its platforms, while reiterating their commitment to provide “suitable, age-appropriate entertainment for African children and families”.

This, however, is not the first time in recent times the network is being faced with this kind of scandal, but it has always maintained its stand that it does not air cartoons with adult content.

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